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Panama, Washed Arabica, Strictly Hard Bean, Boquete, Rancho Gotta

€ 16.00

Volle body, zwaar aroma, lange afdronk.
Premium Estate Coffee.

Rancho Gotta Coffee Estate has been producing
specialty coffee since 1985 and has 14
hectares of coffee production in different plots.
Their coffee of choice is 100 per cent Arabica
and Catua. At 1200 meters altitude, Arabica is
the most resistant to the microclimate, including
rainfall above 3500mm, an annual average
temperature of 22°C and fertile, porous, volcanic
soil. The harvest is all done by hand, picking
cherries with greater maturity without impairing
the foliage of the plant. The processing of the
beans is carefully managed to conserve water
and the environment of this region and a green
compact module is used for pulping the beans.


(Per kilo)

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