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Sao Tome e Principe, Unwashed Arabica, Parcelha de Soly, Typica, Sundried, Organic

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Coffee History
Sao Tome e Principe are two islands that form the Republic of Sao Tome e Principe located off the west coast of Africa,
in the Gulf of Guinea. Their total combined territory is less than 1,000 square km.

Coffee was introduced in Sao Tome e Principe in the year 1,789 when some coffee seeds from Brazil were taken to the
district of Monte Café in the center of the island of Sao Tome.
The maximum production of 2,500 MT of coffee was reached during the first decade of 1900. After the abolishion of slavery the production fell sharply and today Sao Tome e Principe coffee has practically disappeared. Only a few families still grow it mostly for their own domestic consumption.

Parcelha de Soly
This is one of the few really small coffee plantations in Sao Tome e Principe. It is owned by Ms. Solange Loureiro whose family have grown coffee for five generations.
It produces between 400-500 kg of green bean per year.

Here are some characteristics of the Parcelha de Soly coffee:

Single Estate: Name Parcelha de Soly
Region: Monte Cafe
Micro-region: Roca de San Francisco
Altitude: 800 m
Variety: Typica
Mucilage removal: Natural Fermentation
Drying: Sun-drying
Flowering: September-October
Harvesting: March/May

Some pictures:

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