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Reunion, Washed Arabica, Pointed Bourbon, Grand Cru

€ 132.00

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Reunion Island (La Reunion) was formally known as Bourbon Island due to the
largest bourbon coffee plant cultivation per sq meter the world has ever
Coffee on Reunion Island was believed to be extinct but in 1999, 30 plants
were found in the highest altitudes of the islands mountain regions. Since
then, France has invested huge amounts of money and expertise and has
successfully revived the coffee plantations. There is now a programme in
place that trains local farmers to international standards to fully
maximise the coffee's long-term sustainability. However, due to the time
and money that has been invested into Bourbon Pointu and its rarity - the
coffee is not cheap, in fact the coffee is second in price only to the
world renowned Kopi Luwak. Although most connoisseurs will tell you that
Bourbon Pointu is far superior!

Bouron Pointu produces a distinguished, good acidity, low bitterness cup.
It also has also a low level of caffeine. The taste is refined and
delicate. Sensory properties are exceptional, especially with very
original fruity notes: orange, tangerine and even hints of lychee. It has
aroused great enthusiasm among the testers and experts and the Specialty
Coffee Association of Japan granted Bourbon Pointu the rare distinction of
'premium coffee', which applies to products not suffering from any defect
and marked with the flavours.

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