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Colombia, Washed Arabica, Excelso, Decaf CO2

€ 20,00

Finca Lindura - Organic


This is a organic, washed coffee from La Lindura in Dolores, Tolima grown at heights of 1,650 - 1,800 masl. Eight different farmers contributed to this lot.
“La Lindura” is a cluster of farms located in Las Pavas municipality – Dolores in Tolima Province. Producers' farms are located at 1,650m altitude in the eastern part of the Andes Mountains. This lush tropical region is located just south of the majestic Sumapaz rainforest.It is a environmentally blessed region, severely affected by decades of armed conflict.
The Producers, in collaboration with lohas beans, have selected one farm to brand to represent the effort placed to produce a distinctive high quality coffee from Tolima.
lohas beans took the initiative to certify them Organic under NOP and CEE standards.

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