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Panama Boquete, Washed Arabica Typica, Strictly Hard Bean, EP

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Finca La Gloria was registered as an agricultural farm in 1904, at which point 12 hectares were already planted with coffee.

La Gloria is owned by Norberto Suarez and is located in the highlands of Boquete, a town renowned for the quality of its specialty coffee. The land includes majestic mountains, native vegetation, lively creeks, 12-foot native shade trees, a diverse bird population and views of Horqueta Mountain and Volcan Baru—the two highest points in Panama.

La Gloria grows Typica (80 percent), Caturra (19 percent) and Geisha (1%) coffee varieties. And it neighbors the Hortigal Estate and Finca San Sebastian coffee farms, which are owned, respectively, by Norberto's sister, Eira Maria Suarez, and his brother, Domingo.

Beneficios de Café de Boquete
Coffee cherries are selectively hand picked and then delivered at the end of each day to Beneficios de Café de Boquete, a private mill owned by Norberto and his siblings, and that Norberto has run since 1989.

The mill is equipped with Pinhalense agricultural technology, and Norberto and his experienced team oversee the entire workflow, ensuring traceability and efficiency. The mill's parchment "resting" warehouse is built from ternium, a material that helps to control humidity and maintain temperature levels within the storage unit, to protect and maintain the beans' quality.

Cupping notes: Milk chocolate, toffee, soft strawberry; winey acidity, clean, delicate profile.


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