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Nepal Arabica Coffee, Organic, Washed - Dudh Pokhari

€ 25,00

Our supplier Green Land Organic Farm:
We grow and collect one of the rarest Arabica Coffees in the world from Nepal & we've been doing this for over last 13 years.  Our coffee is from  farmers cooperative, ethical and eco-friendly green beans which is grown organically, free from chemical fertilizers & harmful pesticides.
We are known as one of the premium quality Arabica suppliers from Nepal and we will never ever compromise of our quality and commitments.

Our coffee is shade grown, naturally-nourished, 100% handpicked having exclusive flavor, rich aroma & mild fruity in taste. It is low in acidity & grown on the foothills of the Himalayas ranges between the altitudes of 800 to 1600 Mtrs. making it as probably the best fragrant coffees in the world! 

Onze huidige koffie komt uit de provincie Lamjung, Dudh Pokhari, een kleine berggemeenschap op 1.800 meter hoogte.

Mooie koffie, wij hebben de hele productie gekregen en zijn er trots op.


Video van koffie grading bij Greenland Organic Farm

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